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Originally released in February 2006, 11 years have come and gone in it's wake...Salad is a marker for the potential to splinter hiphop into a smeary field of sound and round out it's sharpness without cedeing any of it's power...largely ignored, this may be it's moment to see some exposure now that Expressionistic hiphop has become the overriding mode ala Beyoncé's Lemonade and ATCQ's latest effort...Every other effort in the intervening years will see simultaneous release...

"Northern New Jersey must be a downer, to judge from this first dispatch from Emoo Records, The project name is humble, and the album title is limp(although both turn out to be misnomers), and the opening track is based around a scratched sample saying "everybody's dead". New Jersey hiphop has obviously undergone a change of hear tsince the carefree days of Sugarhill Records. The funk in here is internalized, nagging, paranoid.

Although 'Salad' is built from MPC sampler, turntables and muttered raps, the 'hiphop' label, like the music itself, turns out to be rather nebulous. The 12 minute "The Hello I've Come To Kill You Series" most closely recalls Bark Psychosis's "Scum", Crescent's "Electronic Sound Constructions", or even Flies Inside The Sun-post-rock in it's loosest, rawest form, with jazzy brushed percussion, lurking feedback and guitar melodies that wander so far they drop off the map. Salad extracts the core of hiphop, and fills out the edges with hazy, impressionistic blur off echo treatments and low end hum. The loose raps are echo drenched and, like a Jack Kerouac recording somehow self-indulgent and utterly compelling at the same time, a navel gazed at in sheer desperation.

Save for the brief electric scratch and strut of "Transmission From Planet E", Salad is too smoked out to bother with any sharp moves, But while much recent underground rap aligns itself with the pummelling punishment and joyless severity of the worst hardcore punk, Derivitive push even deeper, with bleak urban reportage more akin to the dispatches of early Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle-intriguingly, the clandestine recordings here are already period pieces, dating from 1999-2002."
---------The Wire, March 2006


released March 15, 2017


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Fukminaté Mewziq New Jersey

Soladaridad Con Migrantes
Con Orgullo De Sangre Guatemalteca

Specializing in
“Brutalist Post Hip Hop”

Process and generative musics
Caricature studies
Thematic exposition
Incidental Improvisation
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