Attack Their Nurseries And Nursing Homes

by E/WE Kill Brown Babies As A Feature Of Late Anglo Decline



Fight fire with dead babies. In the tradition (?) of Brotha Lynch Hung's Return Of Da Baby Killa, we forego the pretenses, embrace the inherent cruelty of capital's reach, it's your baby(or grandma) or mine apparently.

The title can be read as Ewe (you) or We depending on the level of complicity the listener feels is appropriate.

In this nearly hour long track a mantra is repeated to act as a protection spell and warning for the West’s obvious devaluation of brown skin from the legacy of African dispossession to Palestine’s genocide to Syria’s slaughter to America’s destruction of brown families through enforcement of deportation of non-criminal aliens.
Also, against the trillions of dollars spent on the drone program designed to kill brown infants in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the phony propped up war on terror designed to destabilize these regions in order to more readily gain access to resources and discourage the growth/dominance of brown nations on the ascent. Essentially “Fear of A Black (Brown) Planet”.


released June 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Fukminaté Mewziq New Jersey

Soladaridad Con Migrantes
Con Orgullo De Sangre Guatemalteca

Specializing in
“Brutalist Post Hip Hop”

Process and generative musics
Caricature studies
Thematic exposition
Incidental Improvisation
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