The Unconscious Rapper

by Derivitive



This is Derivitive’s 6th album. Previous works have vacillated wildly in all directions while staying within hip hop’s wilderness. The debut album ‘Salad’ only nominally employed boom bap and leaned heavily on an electronic palette provided by A. Camba (Draven/EMR). L. Cancio(Truck 1:9/E.P. 1:9/Epoch Pollution) provided the most direct boom bap statement with ‘Hot In da Biscuit’ but played accompanist on various instruments throughout. L. Cancio took a bigger role in following/subsequent efforts ‘Of Heaven/Of Hell’ and ‘Monsterzz Ball’. The general feels toward aping the styles of early Kanye, Madlib, Premier, RZA for a New Yorkish beat scientist feel in ‘OH/OH’ are due to the efforts of L. Cancio while the electronic/non typical beat syncopations are done by A. Camba to combine in novel and unheard of ways. Always the vocals are handled by G. Castro. Presented in a raw affectless way like early Divine Styler or Spearhead and at turns using electronic phasing, testing certain limits of lyrical delivery.
The title and impetus/push of this record comes from a conversation had among bandmates that the opposite of the ’conscious’ rapper so often cited by hip hop purists is, of course, the unconscious rapper. The idea taking hold in the form of the almost absent or comatose emcee. Or the idea presented as the hallucination of a just conscious person. Also there is the implied taking the piss out of a tired trope walked out by hip hop conservationists in an attempt to hold back its progress. Much is made of hip hop’s general direction toward less verbosity and a more direct, some would say, bluesy approach. The offenders hail from the American South and allow their mush mouth delivery to dominate. In some form this influence seeps into ‘The Unconscious Rapper’ by dragging out delivery elements, employing repetition as emphasis and owing a debt to Future and his ilk. Also this album is not only improvised musically but in the content of the lyrics. The question is posed: No one is home. Who answers the door?


released June 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Fukminaté Mewziq New Jersey

Soladaridad Con Migrantes
Con Orgullo De Sangre Guatemalteca

Specializing in
“Brutalist Post Hip Hop”

Process and generative musics
Caricature studies
Thematic exposition
Incidental Improvisation
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